Lake Forest Hospital is a long-established Lake Forest and Lake County institution. It was created by and for our community.

Through the Lake Forest Destination for Health: Our Legacy. Our Future. campaign, we are committed to preserving this aspect of the hospital's character, and building upon traditions cultivated through the decades. Achieving these goals require the generous support of friends and partners like you.

Our Legacy

Lake Forest Hospital continues to honor timeless traditions for healthcare delivery, including:

  • Providing the highest quality care in Lake Forest—right in your own back yard.
  • Attracting exceptional physicians and clinicians and providing them with resources they need to optimize care and improve patient outcomes.
  • Creating comfortable physical spaces, both indoors and out, that promote health, wellness, and healing.

Above all else, healthcare delivery is centered around placing patients first.

Our Future

Developing the new Lake Forest Hospital to meet the challenging health needs of our community and thoughtfully adapting to ever-evolving practices of healthcare delivery means following three key principles:


Going well beyond the basic construction of an acute care hospital to create a center for wellness for our community.


Placing contemporary technologies at the heart of local healthcare.


Designing spaces that can be adapted to accommodate and to address the evolution of healthcare as a science, an art, a business and an industry.

Your Support Matters

Philanthropy plays a vital role in financing the new hospital and campus revitalization. It will enable critical advancements in healthcare services, technology, and delivery systems.

The investment required to build Northwestern Medicine's new Lake Forest Hospital will be met through operational reserves, the support of Northwestern Medicine and philanthropic contributions. Your personal contribution enhances the care that is delivered today and the care that will delivered tomorrow.

Philanthropic Goals

We have established a campaign goal of $150 million:

75 over three and a half years in capital and programmatic support for the Lake Forest campus revitalization project

75 over 10 years for future programs and initiatives

Your philanthropy will make a lasting difference in our ability to deliver exceptional care in an exceptional environment, both now and for years to come.

Campaign Progress
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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact the Lake Forest Hospital Office of Philanthropy at 847.535.6111 or for assistance in identifying and structuring the right giving opportunity for you.Thank you for your consideration and generosity.